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ООО Маша и Медведь

Masha and The Bear™ is the first Russian animation brand, which has the potential to connect with children all over the world thanks to its style end emotional appeal generated by top-notch animation quality and amusing scenarios. Series tell us about unique relationship between main characters.

“Masha and the Bear”, launched in 2009, acquired enough popularity on the Russian market to be among most popular animation cartoons for kids. This allowed for a successful start of merchandise licensing phase in 2010. Today the franchise is expanding globally with a goal to be adopted as transcultural property and gain enough success to open possibilities for audiovisual & merchandise licensing. “Masha and the Bear” falls into pre-school brands` category with its target audience being 2-9 years old kids. However, due to unique humor and emotional appeal it finds many fans of various age and gender.

Please see our websites for more information: www.animaccord.com & www.mashabear.com.

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